These cards will also last for a long time, no matter what the application.

Because of their extreme durability and excellent graphics, Plastic Business Cards are often used in a great number of different situations. You can also add tech features, like magnetic stripes and chips, to expand your card horizons even further.

No matter what line of business you are in, there is an innovative and growth-sparking use for printed plastic cards.

Plastic Can Be Eco-friendly Recycling old plastic cards to create new cards reduces waste and helps keep old cards out of landfills.

There are PVC cards on the market which degrade when they come in contact with such organic materials such as composite and soil, and this can happen as quickly as within four years.

When made and handled the right way, plastic cards can be a very eco-friendly option for your business. Free Instant Plastic Card Quote

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  • This obstacle can be resolved with individualized access badges made by Evolis event card printers, such as the Cannes Festival or the G20 summit.

Produce access badges that showcase your brand!

Event card printer personalization solutions are flexible enough to customize badges that accurately reflect your brand while serving as effective communication tools.

  • You can promote the event and your brand image at the same time.
  • The access badge gives visual identification of the person wearing it through color printing on a white card pre-printed with name and photo ID.

Manage and ensure the security of your visitor flows

Depending on your needs and the event tone, you can print specific cards for access to specific areas, including a limited or unlimited number of passes.

  • Event card printers offer access control and instant security for your events by making use of a number of different encoding technologies:
  • Barcode or QR code printing
  • RFID contactless chip
  • Print in the blink of an eye

With event badge printers, you can easily manage visitor flow thanks to:

Speed and ease of use when printing access badges prior to the event

It’s compact design is made for the instant on-site printing of extra badges, if any additions or modifications need to be made Custom ID accessories for your access badges Evolis offers a huge variety of personalized ID accessories to make badge-wearing simple and effortless, such as:

Plastic badge holders Lanyards Clips

Fasteners MATICA XL8300 Event Card Printer

Desktop Card Printers. Matica’s new XL8300 uses re-transfer printing technology to provide superior quality printing on non-standard, wide-format cards.

The compact size makes on-site event badge printing a breeze, without compromising the work area. Event badge printing with Matica XL8300

This new printer uses re-transfer printing technology for the production of non-standard plastic cards.

The model extends Matica’s portfolio to meet the rising demands of event management. Concert organizers, professional sports leagues, and even large marketing agencies can rely on XL8300 to express the meaning behind their event.

Oversized cards can serve as event passes or tickets as well as identification of attendees, VIPs, and staff. They also able to manage access and facilitate security.

These printers are capable of producing 128 cards per hour in monochrome mode and as many as 85 cards per hour in full-color, so that you can have peace of mind even if you have an urgent deadline. The compact size of this model makes it easy to print event badges on-site without sacrificing traditional office space. Create oversized cards and badges that reflect your brand image

An aesthetically pleasing event badge becomes part of the event experience, whether it’s a sports event, a convention, a conference, or concert, and leaves a lasting first impression of your brand.

Easily identifiable oversize cards are a key component of making your business stand out for the right reasons.

Unfortunately, this printer is only available as single-sided at this time.

Integrating the same re-transfer technology as Matica’s XID8300 model, the XL8300 extends the offering of a crisp, clear print to the oversized card format and maintains the high standards of the rest of the XID Series 8 family.

The event badge printer lets you choose between full-color or monochrome carbon black shades. Additionally, there is no need to stick to the standard PVC cards, as you can also receive additional card materials, including ABS and PET. Manage access and secure visitor safety

Especially during large events or events when guests come and go throughout the day, a bold or color-coded badge can help identify your visitors at a glance, as well as help regulate access to different areas.

Event badges are also very helpful for your attendees as they make staff members easier to spot.

Additionally, the guest who attends your professional events can depend on the oversize cards to recognize each other, network with the right groups of people as well as create connections that could build long-lasting relationships in the future.

Blank Plastic Cards:

These features include contactless chip encoding and UV printing to add an invisible logo, text, or watermark to protect against forgery.

The XL8300 is the perfect printing choice for high quality oversized card printing.

This printer meets the needs of the event planning industry perfectly thanks to its output capacity and many security features. Matica XL8300 largely formatted ID card printer is perfect for printing and encoding high quality, oversized cards when event management, credentials need to be met and requirements for security card systems. Matica’s new XL8300 is an innovative re-transfer printer, specializing in printing exceptionally high-quality oversized cards for event management.

2 sizes of cards available: 1) 4.882" (high) x 3.37" (wide) 2) 5.512" (high) x 3.37" (wide)

*Specifications are attached

This is only available as a single sided printer at this time.