They can also be used in a lot of different ways.

Because of their extreme durability and excellent graphics, Plastic Business Cards are often used in a great number of different situations. You can also add tech features, like magnetic stripes and chips, to expand your card horizons even further.

Given this huge range of possibility, any business can find a good use for a printed plastic card.

Plastic Can Be Eco-friendly One of the most underrated features of plastic is the ease with which it can be recycled.

This keeps outdated cards out of the trash. And if they do need to be thrown out, bio-degradable plastics allow these cards to decompose in a matter of years.

Any business desiring to reduce its impact on the environment should use eco-friendly business cards. Free Instant Plastic Card Quote

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  • This challenge can be easily met with personalized access badges created by Evolis event card printers.

Produce access badges that reflect your brand

When you print your own event access badges with your event card printer, you can customize them to reflect and promote your brand, which makes it easier to recognize.

  • Promote both your brand image and the event itself at the same time.
  • The access badge allows visual identification of the person wearing it through color printing on a white card.

Easily manage the flow of your participants while ensuring their safety and security

The specifications and mood of your event are unique, so we provide the ability to print specific cards for access to certain areas, with limited or unlimited number of passes.

  • Card printers provide instant access control and security for events with multiple encoding technologies:
  • Barcode or QR code printing
  • RFID contactless chip
  • Print secure passes in just minutes

With Event Badge printers, the management of visitor flows can be a piece of cake, thanks to:

Their speed and ease of use for printing access badges prior to the event

Their compact design, for instant on-site printing of additional badges, if there are any additions or modifications Personalized ID accessories for your access badges We offer a complete range of personalized ID accessories to protect and simplify badge-wearing, such as:

Plastic badge holders Lanyards Clips

Fasteners MATICA XL8300 Event Card Printer

Desktop Card Printers. Matica’s new XL8300 uses re-transfer printing technology to provide superior quality printing on non-standard, wide-format cards.

The compact size makes it easy for onsite printing without compromising space. Event badge printing with Matica XL8300

Matica’s new XL8300 uses the re-transfer technology to provide superior quality event badge printing on non-standard, wide-format cards.

The model extends Matica’s portfolio to meet the rising demands of event management. Concert organizers, professional sports leagues, and large marketing agencies can rely on XL8300 to help manage their events.

Oversized cards serve is highly visible passes or tickets, and can be used as name tags to differentiate between regular attendees, VIPs, or staff. Lastly, they are able to manage security and access control.

With the ability to produce an output of up to 128 cards per hour in the monochrome mode and up to 85 cards per hour in full-color mode, this model printer can save the day while providing peace of mind during tight deadlines and monumental tasks. The compact size makes it easy to print onsite without taking up too much space. Create oversized cards and badges that reflect your brand and business’s image.

No matter what event you’re planning, a well-designed badge creates the first impression you want to make and contributes to your attendees’ overall experience.

Large, easily identifiable oversized cards are a part of this equation.

Matica’s printing solution gives the largest printable area on the market and superior 300 dpi quality to reflect the image of your brand or organization, from professional to playful or from subtle to stimulating.

Integrating the same re-transfer technology as Matica’s XID8300 model, the XL8300 extends the offering of a crisp, clear print to the oversized card format and maintains the high standards of the rest of the XID Series 8 family.

This system also does not limit you to the standard PVC cards; you can use other bases such as PET and ABS if so desired. Manage access and secure visitor safety

Large events that see your guests come and go throughout the day require a bold or color-coded oversized badge to help you identify your visitors at a glance (and help them identify each other), and to assist your staff in regulating the entrance to sitting zones or VIP events.

Event badges also make it easier for your attendees to spot staff members if they need any kind of assistance.

All guests at a professional event can count on recognizing each other with these oversized cards, so they’ll be able to make connections and do as much networking as they want.

Matica’s XL8300 also incorporates security features to round off its offerings.

These include contactless chip encoding for sites with specialized security requirements and UV printing for an invisible logo, text, or watermark to protect badges against forgery.

The XL8300 is the perfect choice for high-quality color printing on oversized cards.

It accommodates your needs in event management particularly well, thanks to its output capacity and additional security features. Matica XL8300 large format ID card printer for printing and encoding high quality, oversized cards for event management, credentials, and security card systems. Matica´s new XL8300 is an innovative retransfer printer that specializes in printing oversized cards for the event management industry

2 sizes of cards available: 1) 4.882" (high) x 3.37" (wide) 2) 5.512” (high) x 3.37” (wide)

*Specifications are attached

Unfortunately, this printer is only available as single-sided at this time.